Jeremy Scott Reagan

Victim: Jeremy Scott Reagan

Date & Time of Incident: August 27, 2022

Location: Forest Park, Oklahoma

Clothes: Yellow t-shirt, brown shorts

Distinguishing Features: Glasses, hearing aides, ear gauges, tattoos.


Jeremy left home on a hot August day. After a family argument, he had to cool down and gather his thoughts. He was headed to the Lexington Wildlife Management Area, a place he knew well. Jeremy took some supplies with him, enough for a few days.

Jeremy was last seen at the On Cue at 23rd and Douglas in Midwest City, Oklahoma. His phone and truck were found on August 29th at the Lexington Wildlife Management Area. Law enforcement and canines have searched part of the Lexington WMA. Family continue their search.

Jeremy is loved by his family who desperately want to find him. If you have any information that might help, contact OSBI 1-800-522-8017.

Jeremy’s NamUs page, including details of his tattoos.

Jeremy’s Facebook page

Lexington Wildlife Management Area