Just keep waiting.

So much has happened this week. I’ve created this site, with the help of my husband, got my license from CLEET, and ordered my badge. (Yes, I get a badge. So cool!)

First of all, let me talk about this site. I do not like writing, more than that I don’t like writing about myself. Combine those two and it is nothing short of torture. However, I want to grow; I can and will overcome.

Getting a license from the government is excruciating; there’s classes, exams, tons of forms, offices to visit, and time. So much time. If you are impatient, this is not a process that you will enjoy. I am a lot more laid back than I use to be.

Getting my badge is certainly the fun part of this week. The storefront that provides badges is still closed (thank you, Covid). After exchanging emails and phone calls, I have a design that I like. But don’t get too excited, it will take 6 weeks to get!

What have I learned this week? Give yourself a little patience, slow down. Just keep waiting, it will happen.

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