Hi! I’m Trish, and I’ve wanted to be a detective since I was a little girl.

It was always about a desire to help people. A desire to uncover hidden secrets and find lost things. A desire to see justice done.

Now it’s my job. It’s why I’m here. I seized a chance in the middle of the pandemic to become a private investigator, and now I’m trained and licensed to help you out.

Family Background

I grew up with a deep respect for law enforcement….

  • My dad was a police officer in podunk Kansas before I was born.
  • My big brother, Matt, was an officer in Kansas also.


The training to become a licensed P. I, is administered by an organization called CLEET (the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training). I spent a little less than a year learning how to safely use a gun (or a bodycam, taser, or drone), learning the rights and responsibilities of a licensed bounty hunter, and the patient skills of a security guard.

Some of the most interesting things I learned were…

If you’d like to see a complete list of everything I’m licensed to do, check out my Services page and my Credentials.

Personal Interests

As I said before, this career has been a dream of mine for decades.

A lot of my personal interests overlap with the work….

  • Documentaries and true crime shows
  • Genealogies
  • Podcasts

I’ll keep you posted with reviews and discussion of some of my favorite true crime podcasts on the News page.